To call Mbumwae a “baby sitter” is in our opinion a gross understatement. We have found her to be wonderfully energetic and interested not only in our son’s physical care but in his mental and emotional development as well.


Mbumwae’s love and nurturance have helped my son to develop trusting relationships with adult caregivers and to build close friendships with the other children in Mbumwae’s care; it feels like an extended family.


Mbumwae shows a great understanding of children’s behavior and needs and of their individual personalities


Mbumwae’s experience with small children is evident in all her dealings with them. She encourages them to explore, to play freely, to dance, to talk, and to share with others


This letter of recommendation for the Columbia Family Day Care is dedicated to all parents who are losing sleep trying to find a safe, loving day care for their infants and toddlers. My sleepless nights ended when I met Mbumwae


Mbumwae has a wonderful manner with babies and toddlers and I have seen my own son, as well as other children, thrive under her care. My husband and I feel fortunate to have had our son in Mbumwae’s family day care center during his critical transition from infancy to toddler hood.

Tiana and Chris

We respect and trust her implicitly. Our three-year-old daughter is completely secure and happy at Mbumwae’s.

Sheelagh and David:

Ms. Suba has the warmth, patience and sheer energy required in a top-notch day-care provider. We’ve never regretted placing Benjamin in her very competent care, and he received an ample measure of both nurturing and early education during his two years at the center.

Muin and Monique:

We first met Mbumwae as the caregiver of our friends’ daughter. Years later, we didn’t think twice about who would take care of our 3-month-old son. Mbumwae doesn’t only understand kids, she also loves them deeply and is genuinely excited about everything they do. Our son’s attachment to her is only surpassed by her attachment to him! We remain baffled, however, by one thing: our spririted son refuses to nap at home, but naps like clockwork with Mbumwae!

Yitz and Sarah:

Mbumwae’s home is warm, nurturing and caring. Our daughter has been going to Mbumwae’s since she was 3 months old and loves it. The children are taught to be kind, considerate and playful, and Mbumwae herself is a wonderful role-model. This is the perfect choice for those looking for a small family-style daycare, rich in love and warmth.

Adeline & Gael:

Our daughter Maya started Mbumwae’s daycare when she was 4 months old. I really liked it when I visited it because for me it combined 2 important elements for a daycare : professionalism and kindness of the caregiver and presence of other children to enable social interactions at an early age.

Maya has been going there for 2 years now and every morning, it’s a pleasure seeing her going happily to her daycare, hugging Mbumwae and kissing her friends. Mbumwae is such a warm person, and she has a unique way of doing things with kids, they just love her. Kids dance, sing, play, learn, and the curriculum is always adapted to their age group. There is a such good feeling about the whole atmosphere.Mbumwae is very dedicated to the education of the children and also full of good tips for us, parents.

I can’t recommend her enough and when we will finally have to leave, we are all gonna have a hard time.

Marie and Pierre:

Mbumwae’s is very special because you can feel and see that babies and kids are very very happy there. The place is unique because Mbumwae is unique. She is unique because she is positive, dynamic and has a good feeling about life.
For me this was very important because we were sharing someone important with this person: our child.
What I find unique too is that you can stop by there and talk about anything with her. Often times, you can meet kids who were at Mbumwae’s a while back. People like to come back, discuss things with each other and look at what is happening now at Mbumwae’s place.

What I really appreciated when I put my son at 6 months is that she gave me a space to breast-feed him. Each night when I came to pick him up, I could just took my son andbreast-feed him. She respected those moments of intimacy. Then I was able the speak with her and the other children, and have a discussion wih the other parents. No rush.

Enthusiasm of the children. They are always happy. They are jumping, dancing, eating, playing, singing, sleeping, climbing. They are always very busy in a very friendly environment. With Mbumwae they can develop their personality. It’s not just material need that she provides.

My son likes to play with the other children. This is a very family atmosphere. Children are like a team. Each parent knows each other, takes care of the babies of others and likes to play outside after daycare together.
My son has developed himself in harmony. He has a good self-esteem. Mbumwae has done a lot for that. She makes him self-confident. It’s amazing to see what he learns everyday at Mbumwae’s daycare. I could tell much more.

I decided to selected Mbumwae’ s daycare first because I found the other children very happy, and having fun. Second, because I had met someone who cares about children. She loves them a lot, she understands them and she has a personal attention for each of them. She is just amazing. She loves her work, she manages her business like nobody else, she is very accomodating and she has affordable prices. This place is fantastic!

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